Faisal is a San Francisco based lifestyle photographer who currently shoots with a Leica M 240 rangefinder camera. These are his thoughts.

Embarking on a Safari with Fuji

After receiving questions and comments about traveling with Fuji gear and about my editing process, I thought it would be helpful to dive deeper into those aspects of the safari. Over the years, I've shot with almost everything available to me — Nikon, Canon, Sony and Leica. My most recent GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrome) has landed me with Fuji, specifically the X-Pro2.

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Dynamic Range on the Sony A7II

In photography, dynamic range refers to the ratio of light intensity captured by a camera's sensor (whites and blacks). For landscape photographers, dynamic range plays a huge role in the craft because it lets photographers capture a huge range of color.  This gives the camera the ability to capture detail in the sky while also retaining detail in the shadows (a common scenario is a sunset picture).

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