Faisal is a San Francisco based lifestyle photographer who currently shoots with a Leica M 240 rangefinder camera. These are his thoughts.

Canon EOS R – First Thoughts

I've had the EOS R with the RF 24-105 F4 lens for a few days now and I got a chance to shoot with it over this weekend. I'm most recently coming from a Leica M system, but have owned a Fuji X and Sony FE system in the past, along with a Canon 6D. Because I've been shooting with mostly a rangefinder over the past two years, the EVF is taking some getting used to. I also started wearing eyeglasses during this time, which is proving to be less than ideal with any type of viewfinder.

  • Ergonomics are fantastic. I have rather large hands. My pinky is right on the border of fitting, but I think it works.

  • The touchscreen is super responsive. Impressive for a camera company.

  • Image quality is great. It's always a pleasure processing Canon RAW files. The Sony RAW files used to be challenging because of the colors, and the FUJI RAW files were difficult for me because of the X-Trans sensor. The Leica RAW files were always great.

  • Battery life is great. USB-C charging and data transferring is a game changer for traveling light, especially with the new Apple MBP.

  • Less sex appeal compared to the Leica, but that's expected going back to a traditional camera company/system.

All shots taken with Canon EOS R and Canon RF 24-105 F4 lens. Edited with Lightroom CC. Please keep in mind that these photos are heavily compressed for web viewing.