Faisal is a San Francisco based lifestyle photographer who currently shoots with a Leica M 240 rangefinder camera. These are his thoughts.

Canon EOS R – Two Months Later

It’s now been a little over two months since I received the EOS R with the RF 24-105 F4L lens. I wrote some initial thoughts after my first outing with the camera and posted a couple more updates with some of the photos I created with it. In the time I’ve had it, I’ve shot in my hometown of San Francisco, and I’ve taken the camera on trips to Charlottesville, New York, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree National Park; all locations where the camera performed up to my liking.

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Canon EOS R – First Thoughts

I've had the EOS R with the RF 24-105 F4 lens for a few days now and I got a chance to shoot with it over this weekend. I'm most recently coming from a Leica M system, but have owned a Fuji X and Sony FE system in the past, along with a Canon 6D. Because I've been shooting with mostly a rangefinder over the past two years, the EVF is taking some getting used to. I also started wearing eyeglasses during this time, which is proving to be less than ideal with any type of viewfinder.

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